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    Open to guitar and bass players, Next BendNote Talent will lead you to the professional world of music:

    • sign in by upoloading a video of one of your songs,
    • get as many votes as possible,
    • play your song at the finals in Paris in front of a prestigious jury
    • win a sponsorship contract and a VIGIER guitar
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    lots du concours Next BendNote Talents

    Next BendNote Talent is a springboard into the world of professional music.
    The principle is simple: Register by submitting a video of your composition, collect the most votes, participate in the final concert in Paris and seduce the jury to win the first prize!

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    lots du concours Next BendNote Talents

    BendNote.com is a community platform for the practice of music on the internet. Whatever your level or your age, BendNote you not only to plunge into the world of the greatest French and international artists through new content, but also to exchange, discuss and ask them questions directly.



  • Influ (fragmento)

  • Xavier Contreras Chile

  • 15votes
| 85 votes From The Darkness

From The Darkness

Lorenzo Gusinu Italy

| 8 votes Arise from a season's end

Arise from a season’s

Charly Sahona France

| 45 votes "Lonely Proton"

“Lonely Proton”

Toomas Vanem Estonia

| 4 votes Selling Kisses

Selling Kisses

Danny Young United Kingdom

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A professional musician usually collaborates with different sorts of people : manufacturers, the musical press, other musicians, producers, etc.

which is why the BendNote jury will be made of 4 members representing each one of these branches, offering the winner professional recognition.

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